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Over the past three months, we’ve been keeping busy with a number of initiatives. We increased the number of languages from 5 to 12 (not including Pirate!), released TripLingo for Android & the Barnes & Noble Nook, and lined up a slew of awesome partners that we’ll be announcing shortly. We’ve also got a couple of new products coming out soon, including versions for the Kindle Fire and [censored]. Exciting times!


Alas, our own blog has sat a tad neglected. Working on that. But in the meantime we have been doing some writing, albeit on other blogs.


Vince recently graced the front pages of Hacker News by asking Why Your Minimum Viable Product is Really a PoS . This was a follow-up on his cursing-in-blog-post-headlines theme that all started with Seriously, What the Hell is This UX Stuff .

Pratik recently wrote some gobbledy-gook that I don’t completely understand, but you technically-inclined folks might enjoy: Rapid Development with Titanium Studio
I posted a guest blog on SnapEngage’s blog titled 5 Reasons Why Startup CEOs Should Answer Customer Support Emails
And James recently posted his “Year in Review” which talks about joining TripLingo. He also encourages you to check out the calendar he designed to make 2012 a “year of productivity”- its beautiful, and was recently featured on FAB!
As the year starts, I’m making a renewed commitment to posting on our blog, but actions speak louder than words so stay tuned.










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