What if I need assistance?

Please email support@triplingo.com if you need assistance and we’ll get back to you right away. You can also call us at +1 404.333.8355 if you need immediate assistance. Be sure to let us know of about the nature of your problem so we can assist you a quickly as possible.

I can’t find the language I’m looking for.

We support 13 languages with full content- phrases, audio lessons, culture information and more. You can switch languages by tapping the language icon on the dashboard. These languages include: Castilian Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

An additional 10 languages are supported in the Voice Translator: Greek, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak and Swedish. To use the Voice Translator for these languages, simply navigate to the Voice Translator for any language and then tap “Switch Language” inside the voice translator. Scroll down to find the language you’d like to select.

The Live Translator feature works in 180 languages. To use the Live Translator for these languages, simply navigate to the Live Translator for any language and then tap the Language Icon. You can scroll or search to find the language you’d like to select.

My audio isn’t playing!

The most common cause of this is that the “mute” switch is on- make sure this isn’t switched to mute (its usually located on the side of the device).

Another possibility is that your “media volume” is too low. Most devices have two types of volume: ringer volume and media volume. To adjust the media volume, you need to hit “volume up” while the audio is playing. So hit “play audio” and immediately afterwards adjust the volume up.

If neither of these work, feel free to reach out to our support team and we’ll address the problem. You can reach us at support@triplingo.com

The Voice Translator says it cannot access the microphone.

This is most likely because you didn’t grant the application access to the microphone when you first opened the application. To fix this, on your iPhone go to Device settings > privacy> Microphone> TripLingo and then flip the tab to give TripLingo microphone access.

Does my phone need access to data to use TripLingo?

In short, no- though some features do require a data connection. Only the Voice Translator, access to a Live Translator, and the Wi-Fi dialer require internet access to use. Everything else- the phrases, dictionary, culture information, audio lessons, and travel tools work without a data connection.

However, you do need to download the phrase packs for a language using a data connection to have access to all phrases, phrase audio and audio lessons. These require a separate download because if we included them in the initial download the app would require over 1GB of data.

How much data do the Voice Translator & Live Translator use?

These functions require data, though the data required is minimal. A typical Voice Translation requires approximately .02 megabytes of data usage, which will cost you approximately $.10 on the worst data roaming plans. One minute of Live Translator usage requires approximately .3 megabytes of data, which will cost you ~$1/minute on the worst data plans.

Is the Currency Converter updated?

We use exchange rates from the European Central Bank. These rates are updated every time you open the application when you have a data connection. If you don’t have a data connection the currency converter will use the most recent data from the last time you used the application when you had a data connection.

Is the content up-to-date?

We have a thorough process for updating language and culture content. This content is created and curated using professional language and culture experts. Every six months we have all of the content reviewed and updated to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.

What happens if I run out of Live Translator or Wi-Fi minutes in the middle of a call?

If you run out of your credits for either feature during a call we do not cut off the call. However you will need to purchase additional credits before placing another call.

Am I charged for Live Translator minutes while waiting for the translator?

It takes approximately 30 seconds to get connected to a live translator. You are NOT charged during this time- your credits are reduced only when you are actually connected to the translator.

How are calls made to phone numbers included in the app?

We allow companies to include phone numbers to their travel agency, security provider or other relevant phone numbers. You have the option of making these calls using either your device’s phone or using a data connection inside of TripLingo.

If you select the SIM method of calling, the call will be made using your device’s phone just like if you dialed the number yourself.

If you use the Data method of calling, TripLingo will place the call using your phone’s data connection. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi then the call will be placed using that connection. If you’re connected to your phone’s network data connection, the call will be placed using that connection.

Have other issues?

Please reach out to our support team at support@triplingo.com. If you need immediate assistance, please call +1 404.333.8355.