TripLingo is the ultimate tool to help you be productive, safe and savvy during your next trip abroad with a of tools to help you navigate foreign countries. Find useful phrases with the interactive phrasebook and commit them to memory using the built-in flashcards, quiz mode or audio lessons. Use the voice translator for instant translation or even connect to a live translator. Built in learning tools make it easy to memorize phrases, and travel tools like the wi-fi dialer and tip calculator make it easy to travel smart.

The free version of TripLingo includes access to basic content in 13 languages, and a premium subscription gives you full access to over 2,000 phrases per language, unlimited use of the voice translator, full access to audio lessons and the dictionary, and more. Download the app today on the iTunes or Google Play appstores.


communicate in foreign language

Communicate in a foreign language

Talk like a local.

communicate in foreign language

Improve safety

Stay safe abroad with critical tools.

navigate with ease

Navigate with Ease

Travel like a pro with local knowledge.


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